150 characters is nowhere near enough!

Beaners Beaners
Hi everyone! I have a request currently out for an upgrade, and I just wanted to say a little bit more about myself since it's super difficult to get it down to 150 words.

My name is Alli and I'm a 22 year old college student (and part time fire performer!) who will be graduating in two weeks. I've always been an extremely open and honest person (sometimes to a fault, if I don't like something, my friends say that I will verbally rip it to pieces). I have no problem just "throwing something out there." (Shyness is not a problem for me. Hence why I just put my name out there, maybe? Haha!) My boyfriend and I are the type of people who will try just about anything once; you'll never know until you try it, right?

Even though I'm technically a newbie, I have lurked around Eden Fantasys for years. It's always been my go to place for any information I needed about toys, and I would love to be able to contribute more to the community. Any votes that I could get to be an advanced reviewer would be so appreciated. If you stalk my profile and read my reviews, I think you'll see that I would be well worth your vote.
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Beaners Beaners
Just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me. You guys are amazing! <3
Porfiriato Porfiriato
I guess the 150 words worked! I usually pay more attention to the quality of the applicant's reviews rather than their 150 character statement. Like you said, it's hard to make a good argument for your upgrade in that little space.
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