Me in a Bigger Nutshell

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Me in a Bigger Nutshell

Rufus The Dog Rufus The Dog
Hi everyone. I wanted to elaborate on my tiny description since I always have more to say.

I'm a 24 year girl with a live in boyfriend in upstate NY. He's a construction worker and I'm an animal trainer. We are both looking for new ways to expand our sex play together, and solo. I have a history of writing on websites and professionally. I even minored in English in college.

Honestly, I am excited to think that I may be able to review some of these toys. When I asked my boyfriend if he was interested he said "F*&% Yea!", so you can definitely tell he is interested. We would love to be able to share our experiences with all of you. We are here to stay regardless, but would love to be upgraded!

I don't want to be a greedy vote grabber, but anything is appreciated. Thank you to those who have already voted as well. Thank you everyone. It's great to meet you all!
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MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Welcome to the community! Congrats on becoming an advanced reviewer
Yesenia Yesenia
Welcome to Eden Fantasys
Rufus The Dog Rufus The Dog
I just signed on and realized I am not an advanced reviewer! Thank you everyone!
NuMe NuMe
I took a look at your reviews and was going to vote for you, but I see you've made advanced already. Congratulations!
The Nakanas The Nakanas
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Welcome!!! And congrats
Ciao. Ciao.
Welcome, glad to have you here!
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Well, that didn't take long at all, did it? Congrats on the upgrade, and welcome to Eden!
Sammi Sammi
Welcome, and congratulations!
Rufus The Dog Rufus The Dog
Thank you everyone. I was very excited!
brevado brevado
Way to go!
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