Upgrade proofreading-

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Upgrade proofreading-

Leaving Love Leaving Love
I'm unsure if iam posting this in the wrong place. If iam please forgive me.
Okay, my sister also has a eden account. She turned me of to it. Now she submitted a request to Review proofreading. It has been over a week, and no answer. She isnt worried about it. she feels they will get to it when they can. My reviews are taking forever to be publish, so said its because a back up. Not enough people are editing. If thats the case what is taking so long to get a answer if they are so backed up? and need more people to edit.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone.
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DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
EdenFantasys, as has been said in numerous threads (which you can find by doing a forum search) is not currently accepting more editors. She hasn't received a response because they are holding all of the applications for when they reopen the process, so they can choose the best of all applicants.

Reviews submitted to editors can take up to one month to publish, as it says in the review program guidelines. As of right now, we are publishing reviews in less than four days. Your oldest review in the queue was submitted on 7/16/11, which was Saturday. Editors have lives, too, and those lives are often busiest on the weekends.

You patience is appreciated.
LinToxic LinToxic
Is the proofreading back on track?
Jul!a Jul!a
Originally posted by LinToxic
Is the proofreading back on track?
As far as I know it is. Reviews can still take a few days to publish because the editors do have lives outside of the site. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless your review has been sitting for 3 weeks or more, then you can contact JR or Sammi, and one of them can look into it for you.
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