Upgrade Request (Want to say a little bit more!)

MeghanLeigh003 MeghanLeigh003
Hello All!

My name is Meghan, and I recently applied for an upgrade request. It's so hard to tell who I am, and try to persuade others that I am a good fit in 150 words so here is a little bit more about myself. Like most of the others who have posted more information about themselves, this is not my way of begging for more votes. I simply want to be able to review more products so that I can share my opinions with others, I think I would do a fabulous job!
I am a new contributor, but I already have a 5.0 rating (and rising!) I have four current reviews up, but I have several other products I'm planning to review this evening. I've been looking over other contributors reviews, so that I can give a more through review of the products that I have tried; so I know what to include more (and less) of.
I would say that I "specialize," in dual-action vibes and clitoral simulators; I've tried a bit of everything! As an upgraded account, I'd like to try new and different things so that I can give a more well-rounded review of products. I believe that this position will be a great fit, because I'm very open to trying new and different things and telling others about my experiences.
Basically, with an upgrade I just want to help others and answer their questions. I'm very active online and in social networking communities, so I'm looking for friends, and good discussion! If you have questions, comments or concerns about me or my experiences/intent please do not hesitate to ask! I'm more than willing to share. Please consider my request, I promise that I will not disappoint!
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MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Hi MeghanLeigh003! Welcome to the community! Good luck becoming an advanced reviewer
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