#Roundup - September 11th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Round-Up #11!

It’s been dark and stormy here in Philly again. I don’t know what it is about Friday in particular that displeases the sun god so much; perhaps it is just this city. We had 152 reviews come in this week, which is outstanding since most of your were (hopefully) out doing something crazy on a 3 day weekend!

If you are not already a part of the most bad ass circle of friends in this part of the galaxy (the Eden Fantasys review community), and would like to be… just create an account and get started! You can make money as an affiliate, receive free toys as a verified reviewer, and be a part of a terrific community resource!

So in honor of the waterways that used to be streets here in Philadelphia, this weeks roundup will be called:
Weekly Review Round-Up #11 – Wrath of the Water Elemental!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are this weeks 5 reviews…

Dirty Geisha: “The Dildo Manifesto: Music to The Pussy”a review of the OhMiBod traditional vibrator by Suki LLC. First off, welcome to the community! Here we have Dirty Geisha’s very first review of the very unusual OhMiBod (a vibrator that decides its own speed and intensity based on what music you sync it to). Dirty Geisha says that “This is the perfect blend of sex and music, you couldn't get any better unless you were masturbating at a concert”.

Brandon: “Tease to Please with These!”a review of the Thigh and Wrist Cuff Set by Sportsheets. This is a great review, and a great story. Brandon and his wife had never used restraints before trying out this set. They had such a great experience with that his wife even said “that was the best sex of her life”, now how do you top that?

MaxD: “...I Thee Wed!”a review of the Mail Order Bride female love doll by California Exotics. I will admit that I have a soft spot for inflatable doll reviews, just for the entertainment value. MaxD had joked about starting a club for everyone that has ‘been with’ an inflatable doll. I can only imagine group insignia. Ok, now go read the review!

Enna: “Smooth and Silky Butt Plug”a review of the Artisan Glass Bulb butt plug by California Exotics. Welcome back Enna! (It’s been a few months her last review.) This plug just looks so friggin’ cool! Enna warns us that it is probably too big for any beginners to anal play (and that she should have probably not started so big). But, once she worked up to being able to comfortably use this plug, it was great!

Sammi: “Make A Penis In Your Kitchen”a review of the Peni-Cake Pan by California Exotics. Not only is this a great review that includes cooking tips on using the pan but, she made a ton of different foods in different colors, and took pictures of them for you all to check out on her website (a link to the photos is in the review).

Have a great weekend everybody!


And…from our friends, and fellow adult retailer, from across the Big Pond –
LoveHoney’s second weekly review roundup!

Their review program and format is quite different from ours, their content is sometimes shorter and they rate things with different scales, but we still thought it would be very interesting to have them share their Weekly Round up with us. How cool is it to read international feedback on sex toys and fun adult products? We think it’s pretty awesome.

Steve of LoveHoney says: Plump up the cushions, it's time for this week's reviews round-up from the UK's finest purveyor of adult pleasure items, LoveHoney. And the good folk of Great Britain and beyond have been busy filing their reports on everything from nipple clamps to gentleman's zip-front briefs. Without further ado, here's five of our favourite reviews from the past seven days...

"With all the calories burnt from all the orgasms it will provide, you won't feel guilty for having a bar or five," thrills GoldiLocks after she tested her new massager. It makes a brave claim in its name but is her new toy from Nomi Tang really Better Than Chocolate?

And now for something completely different. "My nipples almost beg me to use them every day," shrieks dooody69 on his debut review. "When they are taken off (pull steadily) my nipples are enormous. Easily as big as any woman's!" What product could have made this chap so excited? Why, the Cock Locker Knopler Nipple Suction Cups, of course.

KittyPurry's had a busy week... she's inked seven reviews on products as diverse as warming lube and bodystockings. But we must turn our attention to her feet, as she exclaims: "I was on the bed before you can say F**k me boots!" You want to know more, of course you do... so read her entertaining missive on her Electra 5 Inch Heel Thigh High Stretch Boots.

A typographical error or a just a bit of fun? Whatever the case, we're delighted to welcome reviewer cheesecake to the fold. "I couldn't imagine the 'rabbit ears' doing anything for me as I've only ever been able to reach orgasm myself," she says on her debut review. Discover whether she subsequently changed her mind after extended use of the LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator.

Another debut review, this time from first-time sex toy user count duckula. "The vibrations from the surprisingly powerful vibe turn my little soldier into a human vibrator and, I have to say, the feeling was brilliant," he quacks, after spending some quality time with the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Mega Ring - and his other half!

Brilliant stuff. Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to give us their opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly. Keep 'em coming...
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Love it!

Very well done, Gary.

I'm admittedly partial to doll reviews, myself. They're just so funny!
deceased deceased
I always look forward to these updates!
Gary Gary
Originally posted by deceased
I always look forward to these updates!
If we ever get organized, you will have to be in the doll club
Victoria Victoria
Awesome roundup! I love how you included images of the reviewers too!

PS: Somebody please appease the sun gods! This rain everyday? Sucky!
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Originally posted by Carrie Ann
Love it!

Very well done, Gary.

I'm admittedly partial to doll reviews, myself. They're just so funny!
I'm with Carrie - I loved the I Thee Wed Review!
MaxD MaxD
Aww, thanks everyone! I'm so proud to be a part of the Wrath of the Water Elemental Roundup! It seems so fitting when you consider my review. I know that my inflatable bride would keep me afloat amongst the flooded streets of Philly! See, it pays to review blow-up dolls. You just never know when one will come in handy and thanks to Kuuipogal, I know for sure they float!
Sammi Sammi
Doll reviews are so funny - I love them!
Gary Gary
Please everyone, go check out the weekly roundup contest thread!
Gary Gary
Here is a link to the roundup on LoveHoney's site.
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