Bootie or Flexi felix?

Polyserena Polyserena
Having not used anal toys before I am unsure what to buy. I really like the look of fun factory's flexi felix and bootie. I know they aren't the same type of toy. I would like something that is reasonably easy to use and I always thought I'd get a butt plug, but these both look pretty small diameter-wise. Is there much difference in ease of use with these toys for a beginner? I think flexi may be a bit cuter...
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ScottA ScottA
The question to ask yourself is "how much interactive play (thrusting, wiggling, etc) do I want to have?". The Bootie is generally a put-it-in-and-leave-it toy, but it does have some wiggling potential. The Flexi-Felix will have some stimulation if you put it in and leave it, but the bulk of the stimulation is when you pull it out. Keep in mind that once anal beads have been pulled out it's hard to reinsert them while keeping the mood intact.

Another thing to consider is a bead stick. Tantus makes some, and they're halfway between anal beads and dildos. You can do some wiggling and thrusting with them as well as leaving them put or pulling them out. link link link link
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