Has too much anal ever sent you to the ER?

Badass Badass
Vaginas are built to expand, and your anus is too.. to an extent. I could see this going badly for some..

Anyone ever rushed to the ER for an anal related issue?
Whats the worst that has happened to you?
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slynch slynch
I've never had that problem.
Coralbell Coralbell
I've never had any sort of minor anal injury, let alone something severe enough to require rushing to the ER. The only negative thing I've ever experienced is ocassional tenderness the next day, but I get that from vaginal sex every now and then too.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
I have had minor anal injuries in the past. Mostly due to inexperience and trying to advance to quickly without proper preparation etc. Just some minor bleeding but it healed very quickly. But as far as accidents or any other anal problems no I have not needed to visit a specialist or ER
Ghost Ghost
No. and I hope never have to go to the ER for anal injuries. >_>
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I've never heard of anyone going to the ER for participating in too much anal sex. I have heard, however, of someone sticking things down there and it getting stuck. It sounded awful.I've also heard of those stories where someone was lacking patience and it caused tearing, resulting in a doctor's visit.
ooommmm ooommmm
I heard from a friend of a friend that worked in the ER in San Francisco that guys would come in with things that needed to be extracted because they were too big to get out.

That makes me chuckle.
Tuesday Tuesday
I went to a regular doctor's appt after tearing anally and bleeding A LOT. It was a horrible experience that took weeks to recover from. I'll never do anal again. It's unfortunate that the boyfriend who wanted anal was huge.
sweetiejo sweetiejo
I never have but i have heard some horror stories from others.
FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
Oh God, I hope I never do.
te te
Have not up to this point and hope that it never happens.
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