How can I tell if I like texture?

Genderfree Genderfree
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I've never had a heavily textured toy, and before I invest in one, how do you know if you enjoy texture? I can't stand the feeling fingers being twisted inside of me, but I love the feeling of the ridge of the head on my goodfella when it first goes one (one huge investment I won't regret). Basically, I'm a beginner to anal toys, but not anal sex, and I have a lot of textures anal toys on my wish list, but have no idea if I should invest in any of them.
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Bill220 Bill220
There's only one way to find out. Buy one. I'm not a big fan of texture but have begun to like it on occasion.
ScottA ScottA
You might want to avoid heavily textured toys that move since you don't like multiple fingers moving. Stationary textured toys are still a possibility - you might want to try one out. I'd go for something a bit less extreme as a first step.
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