Has anyone tried this Inflatable probe?

Chefbriapink Chefbriapink
Inflatable latex probe
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How does that work? What has your experience been with it.
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Chou Wang Chou Wang
Originally posted by Chefbriapink
How does that work? What has your experience been with it.
I've tried that one some time ago, wasn't really bad or good. The inflation is very irregular so are the pressure points. The vibration kind of compensates a little but isn't that well delivered to the sweet spots. However there is one inflatable that has no vibration but works really amazing in terms of pressure distribution, inflation, etc... Have a look on the reviews of the Gapers organic it's truly an amazing toy
Bwanasim Bwanasim
Originally posted by Chefbriapink
How does that work? What has your experience been with it.
I've used this toy many times now and initially bought it to experience a new anal sensation. When pumped it gives a very pleasurable sensation of constant or variable fullness and stretch that is quite different than plugs or dildos that primarily give sensations with penetration or thrusting. After inflation, angling it toward the prostate gives an awesome internal prostate massage but the most addictive and mind-blowing sensation comes from tugging the inflated plug so that the internal sphincter gets an incredible stretch. The first time I did this I had my first hands-free orgasm! Awesome! This thing never fails to provide the most consistently incredible butt rides! I have now begun using the inflatable to stretch myself to accommodate larger plugs. The shape allows me to hold the tip just inside my ass between the external and internal sphincters with one hand, slowly inflating the bulbed tip to stretch myself open. I had always struggled inserting plugs or dildos much larger than 1.5" to 1.75" without a half hour or more of warm-up with fingers and various toys. NOT ANYMORE! I've become somewhat of a size queen. A 2" plug is a breeze after a five minute stretch with this inflatable! I easily conquered the Doc Johnson silicone plug at 2 1/8" diameter. I'm currently working on a 2 5/8" diameter Tantus A Bomb (huge!) and almost have it. Just a quarter inch more stretch and it's in! Never in my life would I have thought that I would have become an anal addict. This inflatable led to my anal epiphany. I've always loved anal porn and been aroused and fascinated by anal gaping, thinking it was impossible for the average person. Recently I used a full length mirror to watch myself vigorously thrusting a 2" diameter vibrating dildo in and out of my ass after prepping with the inflatable. With one hand on my buttcheek and the other quickly withdrawing the dildo I got to watch myself gape just like the female pornstars! What a turn on! I'm obsessed with anal stimulation and this inflatable gets all the credit/blame! LOL!
Porygorish Porygorish
Very thurough statement! ^^^^
haha, kudos! I am jealous
mat3833 mat3833
my wife insisted i get this for her to try, and so far she has loved it. the release valve is pretty much an instant deflate button instead of a bleed type, but the range of inflation is quite staggering.
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