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AnalArtist AnalArtist
I am single and looking for great ways to have anal by myself. Any ideas?
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Betty Rocket Betty Rocket
Tricky as it seems, it can be done.

Plenty of dildos come with suction cups that allow them to be mounted to a hard surface (i.e the shower wall)

There are also toys like the Rude Boy that will stay in place while you pleasure yourself in other ways.

Good luck!
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
Originally posted by AnalArtist
I am single and looking for great ways to have anal by myself. Any ideas?
I'd look into dildos with suction cups, though they tend to be made of lower quality material. You can also try hands-free toys, or just get a little creative with positioning with a standard cock. Like, sitting up on edge of bed, chair, etc. is a pretty easy way to keep something inserted and bounce on it.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
This device:
plus your favorite dildo that accepts a vibrating bullet in the base provide a silicone alternative to the suction cup problem.
I think that is the best way that I have found to allow me to simulate anal sex without a partner. Also, the base of many Fun Factory dildos is supposed to act as a suction cup, and they are pure silicone, but I don't think they stick as well as some might like.
Ciao. Ciao.
Don't know if you're still looking, but one thing you could try is just buying a harness (intended for strapon play) you could even go for a thigh harness, or something like that. And use it to anchor the dildo onto an object (use your imagination there). That way you could use non-suction dildos, and there are more than enough high quality excellent harness compatible toys out there.
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