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I'm looking into getting the Juli Ashton anal beginner kit and in a few of the reviews it says there is a strong smell. I've looked around and seen that a lot of rubber made toys have a smell to them. How strong is this smell? Would it detour you from purchasing the product? Does is go away after time?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I have a few rubber toys and I find the smell goes away if you let them air out a bit. It has never been a distraction to me as I do not smell it unless I hold it to my face and's a anal toy. After I use it once I just don't hold it to my face to enjoy the aroma. lol

The only smell I have experianced while using a toy, of any kind/material, is UR3 with Sil-A-Gel, that smell gets on your hands and fills the room.
puppylove puppylove
I really never notice the smell of rubber toys unless I sniff them for review purposes, I've never really been bothered by rubber, jelly, silicone, etc. Just wash well
Dreaus Dreaus
The only toys that I own that had a smell was the Doc Johnson Ass Servant, and it had a pleasant odor. Lol. Again not like I go around smelling my anal toys!!!
All His All His
Ive never noticed a smell that would turn me away from the toys
Thanks for all the feedback. This makes me feel more comfortable buying the anal kit.
SMichelle SMichelle
I have a few rubber toys. Some smell so strongly that I, eventually, ended up throwing them out. I had one that I held onto for several months, and the smell just would not fade. Finally, I tossed it.
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