Tantus G-force or Tantus Silk medium?

thestig thestig
Which dildo is better for anal
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Kayla Kayla
We have the Tantus Silk small, but are going to be upgrading to the medium, and from our experience with the small, it's totally worth getting the Silk. It's smooth, easy to insert, and curves just right for some good thrusting. However, it doesn't feel amazingly filling and is also pretty flexible.
ScottA ScottA
If you want to potentially use it for pegging then the G-force wand is out, since it's hand-held only. Stimulation-wise, the G-force does a better job of finding the P-spot and is definitely easier to drive for solo explorations. Neither are too big. I tend to use the G-force more than the Large Silk FWIW, but I have other dildos for pegging.
PassionCpl PassionCpl
The Silk Medium is wonderful for pegging - our only 'gripe' is that it's a bit short.
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