Tantus: The company for size queens (or kings...or other)?

Entropy Entropy
So I just recently (within the past few hours) was able to insert the A-bomb and now I'm wondering. Is there any other company besides Tantus that sells anal toys in the size realm of 2.5-3 inches in diameter on EF? Tantus seems to be one of the few companies that is willing to put out a quality product in quality material that is of large girth for anal enthusiASSts on EF. Weird, but cool. Am I missing a vendor or something? Is Tantus the only one giving us anal commandos any love?
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ScottA ScottA
There are other companies that make large silicone toys, but the big stuff is sort of a niche market, and I think EF might want to limit the amount of slow-moving stuff they keep in inventory. I'm assuming that you mean large silicone toys, as there are several large non-silicone dildos available on EF.

EF doesn't even carry the full range of large Tantus toys - there's a large Severin and the "Mr. Universe".

A company to look at for big toys in interesting designs is SquarePeg. Most of theirs are nonrealistic designs, and they go from the "ordinary big" to "jaw-dropping".
Antipova Antipova
Yeah, I think Tantus is the only company that does both large toys and small toys so that it makes sense for EF to carry them. I've seen other interesting enormous silicone toys from both Square Peg, which ScottA mentioned, and Oxballs, if you don't mind looking off EF to find things. I have heard another member say good things about Vamp Silicone as well. I can't personally vouch for any of these, but they seem to be good quality judging by The Internet. It'd be cool if EF carried some...but at the same time, it's definitely a niche market.
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