The Tentacle and the Wave...

LaradoEnah LaradoEnah
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is there any real difference between this and the tentacle besides the texture and price?
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LaradoEnah LaradoEnah
and is the extra texture really $40 better?
Mwar Mwar
I know that the tentacle JR glows in the dark. So the kid in me wants it. But I find the wave pretty too. Why not get both eventually?
ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
Texture can really make all the difference. I personally think the tentacle looks amazing, plus it glows in the dark!

Check out the reviews. The tentacle also has more 5 star reviews than the wave. Honestly I think it all comes down to what you want. I personally would go for the tentacle because it looks awesome, and the wave would be way too smooth for me.

Check out the wave product page. The first video review there by Kayla shows the two side by side.
Why Not? Why Not?
Personally I get bored with toys after a while if they don't have any texture. Although both the wave and tentacle have the gradual increase in girth that would be a cool sensation on its own.
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