What will my husband like most?

BlueJean BlueJean
We like anal play but have never used toys(well, maybe once he asked me to put my dildo in his butt when we'd had a few drinks in the HOTM and he liked it but was quite sore for a few days after) Normally I insert a finger or two but my reach is weak and I want to be able to pleasure him that way. Do I buy a dildo, a plug, or a probe? I am thinking probe? Not sure....what do I get first that might be versatile that both of us can use or take turns with(after cleaning of course I'd say around one inch or a little teensy bit more. Maybe something tapered or no? What do the boys like in there? This is to surprise him and I want it to be amazing
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Kissaki Kissaki
We have the Tantus G-force. My wife likes the handle which makes it easier on her wrist. It's silicone so you can sterilize it as well since you intend to share.
Tork48309 Tork48309
My suggestion is the Smart Balls. They are wonderful and can be used in so many situations.
married with children married with children
the small pure plug is a great toy.
Two Grand Two Grand
Try the Love Pacifier Begineer it's small and i expensive its the same size as the Pure plug medium and costs a lot less, plus its silicone.
Bill220 Bill220
I would just ask him to jump on here with you and have a look together. I'd also suggest getting few different toys, if your budget allows. You can do a toy search on here that will allow you to narrow your choices to sizes that he'll be comfortable to start out with.
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