Acrylic Toys - Out of stock

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Hey there.
I noticed there are many acrylic toys out of stock and has been that way a long time.
I am wondering if anyone knows if that is because most have been discontinued or are they just not as popular.

Would like to try one so hopefully they come back instock soon.
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Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
With all the site updates they're doing, maybe that could be an option as well, how long something has been out of stock...
I know a lot of sites I shop on lists how many products are left as well. Now that they have the number of how many people have wish listed it, that may be another option too.
I don't know anything about the acrylic situation though, sorry!
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
I don't think they're being discontinued... though maybe so. Sometimes there are lulls in what manufacturers send out, or problems on that end that have nothing to do with the company selling toys.
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