Does Adam's PleasureSkin Cock look as detailed in Real Life?

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Does Adam's PleasureSkin Cock look as detailed in Real Life?

Qliq Qliq
I am interested in this product but only if the product is actually as detailed as in the promotion pictures.

From the promotion pictures, this guy looks incredibly real and detailed.Nice price, as well. However, I realize that these promotion pictures don't always represent the actual product. With some of the images I have seen, the head doesn't seem to have any color variations. A lot of the apparent color variations seem missing actually. I haven't seen very many good images of the actual product; only the dim video images posted onto EdenFantasys and Youtube.

My ultimate question, Is this product as detailed as it looks? If not could you guys recommend some more realistic ones?

Thanks guys!
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CPTInsanity CPTInsanity
The one that my wife and I have looks just like the picture. Its has been a great dildo that she loves.
Xavier7 Xavier7
I don't know. I wonder myself though, but it looks a bit large for me.
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