Ella Tips?

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Ella Tips?

Cherrylane Cherrylane
I got the Ella recently and have used it several times and haven't really been that into it. There is absolutely nothing bad about her, and I actually still sorta love her as she's pretty and "enhances" orgasms. It's just, I haven't been able to cum with her alone, only when I use a clit vibe too. Cumming with her and the clit vibe feels better than cumming with just the clit vibe, but I can't really figure out how I could use her in a way that would make me cum on her own. I'm not looking to squirt, just to cum. I know I can cum vaginally, and usually fairly easily with another person. My guy can finger or fuck me for just a few minutes and make me cum.

And honestly, it's not *just* about the Ella because I've had this sort of trouble with toys before, of all sizes and shapes, where penetration just doesn't do all that much for me for some reason. But anyways...

I searched around the forum and found a few threads from people not so happy with their Ella but none of them had quite the info I'm looking for. Does any one have like precise tips for how they made Ella work for them? And anyone else who's had or is having the same problem, where you can cum without clit stimulation with your partner but not with toys?
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Gracie Gracie
My personal experience is very much as you described. So you are not alone. It is odd to me that during intercourse, not climaxing has never been an issue for me, but with toys I need external, or both internal and external stimulation so far. My conclusion is that there are so many other types of stimulation being provided during PIV sex that I can't compensate for it in a solo session and that's why need extra help using Ella or other dildos. I think we are normal. I'm not worried about it. But like you I keep trying! I do want a g-spot orgasm. That hasn't happened for me yet. Ella or Icicles no 17 get me so, so close, I think it will happen someday.
Gracie Gracie
Anybody else?
Iron Man Iron Man
I can't orgasm from just dildos or PIV sex so I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing.

I haven't been able to make her work for me to get a purely vaginal orgasm at all. I hope you find someone who can give you good tips, though.
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