How do you feel about the whip spider horn? And do you want EF to carry the other colors too?

amenti amenti
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I personally think the whimsical novelty of this toy is best enjoyed by it's shape and resembelense to a unicorn's horn so I would only buy this in the pearly white color not the black & blue one.
How do you feel about this product in general and would you like the white one more then the multi-color one? How do you feel about the texture on the horn?
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Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
Yesss. I so badly want the Unicorn horn, and I only want it in the pearl white, as well.

Logically, I know there's no difference, but the look of a toy does greatly impact how I feel about it. If it's meant to look like a certain thing, I want it to actually look like that thing. The horn, I want to be the pearlescent white of a unicorn horn. I have both tentacles and love that they look like actual tentacles. If they were all one solid colour in, like, black, I'd be less intrigued, or even the weird blue swirly thing like they've got going on with the horn.

It's also why, whilst green is my favourite colour, I can't seem to go for the green Mustang. If I were to get it, I would have to get it in a fleshtone. A realistic penis shape should be a realistic penis colour.
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