Good for first realistic? Or is it too big?

Sangsara Sangsara
VIP super soft
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so I'm not a size queen for instance I like the bimini line from fun factory but I do enjoy a big semi hard when its real. something about guys who know how to wield em without cramming them into you. if i can only handle 4 3/4 circumferance with hard silicone do you think I can handle this
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Chelle Love Chelle Love
With working your way up to it, then yes you would be able to. It just takes time and patience. Good luck.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I would say yes - go for it. Worst case you can work your way up to it.
butts butts
That's a super soft toy, even if it's on the larger end, it'll squish a lot. It might be perfect for you
bunniebunnie bunniebunnie
go for it. i'm sure you would be able to handle it.
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