How long do your jelly toys last?

Entropy Entropy
I stopped buying them about two years ago when I started becoming more educated about sex toys. I never had a jelly toy last for over a year and a half...even if I stored it separate from other toys in a soft case. Invariably they would get terribly discolored and tacky to the touch. Anyone have a jelly toy that has lasted for more than a couple of years?
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Rawhide Rawhide
I've seen people keep jelly toys for years, even though it's not recommended. They're usually a dark color so discoloration is less apparent. The smell is still really unfortunate.

I don't personally use jelly toys, but if I did, I wouldn't keep them for more than a year.
markwashere markwashere
Something about the way jelly toys feel is crazy, But na i usually throw them out after a few months. Use with a condom.
Katelyn Katelyn
Yeah my first and only (right now) jelly toy is only a month old and I am totally happy with throwing it away soon. Jelly is cheap but bad so I am thankful that it even lasts as long as it does.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
It's generally recommended that you don't keep jelly toys for longer than a year, if that. I had one jelly toy that I kept around for over a year, but I never actually used it.
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