Images 4 Review - Double dong plug

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Images 4 Review - Double dong plug

Alt Alt
Recently I created a manual review for the Double dong plug: link and someone emailed me asking for some images on what it looked like, so I decided to post them here:

(Photobucket Albums)
Guest PW = guest1

The saw is the one I described in the review, the drill is a similar one I used to hook into a drill and have the dildo turn while inserted.

Please feel free to comment, make suggestions, or ask questions =]
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Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
Alt- that's pretty funny.
Alt Alt
=] yea for sure. Even though they are jelly dildos, they are somewhat fun. But still I prefer the glass and steel feel over any other material any day
Ariane Ariane
I must consider this idea carefully in the future (when I actually have room for something too big to be easily hidden in a drawer..!)

Completely tangential: if that's your computer case below the dildo, it is AWESOME.
Alt Alt
Haha, yes indeed that is my computer below the dildo. Perhaps it shows some of my creativity as well
AnalArtist AnalArtist
damn, I kind of want to go buy a saw haha
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