Is it beginner safe?

irina09 irina09
Johnny VixSkin
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is it good for beginners?
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Mr. E Mr. E
It may be... if you can handle the size and price.

Johnny is a big boy and he does not come cheap. So if you are a "beginner" with the funds to take a chance on a large toy, I'd say go for it. I do think you are on the right track to be considering such high quality toys, just double check the dimensions before you take the plunge. If you're not sure about the size, you may want to start a bit smaller. The Mustang is also very popular.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
Not really. Johnny is pretty huge. You might prefer something smaller, like the Mustang or even the Spur.
Shera Adora Shera Adora
Thanks for the info
Jessica Kay Jessica Kay
Originally posted by irina09
is it good for beginners?
If you use enough Lube then it could be
alextge alextge
Yea, I would worry about the size, but thanks for the info!
Alex Time Alex Time
I would worry about size. Mustang is a good alternative!
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