Just a bit Intimidated....

bayosgirl bayosgirl
I got my Pure Wand in the mail yesterday. Holy moly! I knew how heavy it was by the description, but it's one thing to read about it and another thing to hold it in your hands. This thing feels like a freaking dumb bell! I can't wait to try it.....when I work up the courage. haha
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Kitka Kitka
Oooh I loooove my Pure Wand! Hopefully you'll love yours too
Jul!a Jul!a
And in the meantime you can always use it as an actual dumb bell!
GoneBabyGone GoneBabyGone
I like the look of that one. I'm interested in Eleven too. It looks big but it also looks to have a great shape. I'm still figuring out when I want to get it.

Those things aren't cheap.
Callisto Callisto
This makes me feel a little intimidated but I'm also excited to try it out. It's a whole new material for me.
Rossie Rossie
They are quite heavy, weighs almost like a can of Campbell's Chunky soup. Just remember to start slow and take your time exploring the best moves!
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