Looks vs function

underHim underHim
Am I the only one out there who gets a mental block over ugly toys? I cant seem to wrap my mind around using something that is just ugly. I know that I wont be looking at it when using it, but still.
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LDot LDot
I totally agree. I need to find my toys visually appealing, or else they don't do as much for me. I want to feel happy about whatever I'm sticking in/using on my body, or else I just can't get into it. Still, I've noticed that if a toy's ugly but it does a GOOD job, I suddenly find it a lot prettier, heh.
pestilence pestilence
Oh, definitely. An ugly toy would just be psychologically inferior to me because I wouldn't enjoy using it as much. It's a silly thing to care about, but what can you do?
ScottA ScottA
Depends on what you mean by "ugly." A toy that's designed well can have a very "means business" look that isn't initially beautiful, but once you realize what it does it starts looking much better. I've heard that the Jollies toys were/are in this category.
MR Chickhabit MR Chickhabit
toy function reigns supreme in my mind
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