So what is the difference?

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So what is the difference?

KaliLeanne KaliLeanne
I have always been kind of confused on the ACTUAL differences between a dildo, and a vibrator... Can someone please explain for me?
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Yoda Yoda
Some dildos are also vibrators, but don't let that confuse you, because not all vibrators are dildos.

More specifically, dildos are objects, often phallic in design, that are designed to penetrate whatever orifice you fancy. A few have the added feature of a vibrating bullet or similar device, but most are just made for screwing.

Vibrators are much more specialized tools, some of which are meant for internal stimulation (g-spot or p-spot), and some outside (clitoral, massagers). They come with a motor inside that, you guessed it, vibrates. Just check out the wide variety of vibrators offered on this site. It's huge! It seems there are vibrators for everyone, and for everywhere.

Does that answer your question. My apologies if I just made it worse.
vanillaSpice vanillaSpice
Yoda's given a much clearer answer than I could've, but if you want the short version: dildos are for penetration. Vibrators vibrate. The two categories can overlap, or not, depending on the toy.
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