All UR3s are not alike apparantly ...

flwalt flwalt
I purchased the Jeff Stryker UR3 many moons ago for the GF and love the texture but its a bit too girthy to be extremely functional really. So I decided that I'd purchase another UR3 dildo..Something a bit less intimidating. I decided on the Doc Johnson UR3 Ultra realistic 8" cock.
I assumed it will be the same skin texture as the stryker. Unfortunately for me and 60 buck lighter in the wallet, I find that the Doc Johnson feels exactly like Cyberskin not like the UR3 I was expecting.
Does anyone know which product might fit the needs i'm looking for ?

Thanks !
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TooSticky TooSticky
I'd say your safest bet would be to have it in your hands, if you don't like it Eden's REFUNDS your money within 60 days and even gives you a FREE shipping label to return the item(s).
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