Your rubber "exception" to your silicone/glass/steel toybox?

Genderfree Genderfree
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Do any of you guys go for hypoallergenic but have that one "exception"? If you did, this would be it for me. I'm just not sure how I'd be able to treat it, especially since I would be using it for anal use. Also, using a condom over it would ruin the "uncut" look for me. I'm also allergic to latex, so it would be rather obnoxious to find latex free condoms (more expensive, harder to find for free).

What do you guys think?
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Virgingasms Virgingasms
No, safety comes first for me.
butts butts
We have a few "jelly" toys that we just use condoms with, but neither of us are allergic to latex so it's no big deal. We ALWAYS prefer silicone (or metal or something else sterilizable) but sometimes we make exceptions when there just isn't a silicone version of what we want. I have a few of my first sex toys still and they're all cheap jelly, but we keep them because we can just wrap them... except these anal beads I have... I keep meaning to replace those with silicone ones, you can't really wrap those very easily

now that I think about it, my We-Vibe Salsa isn't silicone, I don't know why it's not!
Nope. I don't like the smell of unsafe materials and I usually don't like the texture too much either.
karenm karenm
No, I've only had one jelly toy, which I threw out. The smell really bothered me and safety is important to me. So I'm much happier with buying silicone toys now.
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