Crocheted Gift

PurpleDragonLady PurpleDragonLady
I crochet various gifts for people. I am currently in a gift swap with an "adult" theme. I am looking for ideas of what people would like to receive as a crocheted gift.
I am looking for fun, naughty, yet tasteful ideas. Don't want to make pasties; thinking cuffs or something similar... but would like to get more input.

I need to know soon, so that I can get to work on it. Feel free to post or link to pictures, to better show the ideas you have in mind.

Thank you, in advance, to all who post their suggestions.
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DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
A cock cozy!

Crash Crash
You could make cuffs and a blindfold or some kind of restraint. I like the idea of cuffs.
Jul!a Jul!a
Originally posted by DeliciousSurprise
A cock cozy!

Lmao, that's awesome!

I also like the idea of the blindfold and the cuffs.
Lucidity Lucidity
I would make a toy bag, it's not as funny cock & ball koozie, but if you want something that someone might use more regularly...

Or a blindfold would be great! Tasteful, naughty, and has other uses.
potstickers potstickers
Originally posted by DeliciousSurprise
A cock cozy!

Haha... this is great. Reminds me of holiday st'cock'ings. hehehe.
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