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kinkymanda kinkymanda
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Is there any way for me to purchase a Gift Card Code for EF without physically receiving a Gift Card? Or are those only available when redeeming your points?
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Shellz31 Shellz31
I believe they are only when converting your points or for doing certain things where EF give you a code. Other than that, I think ya have to buy the actual gift card.
Someone else might know something I don't though.
hearts and hardons hearts and hardons
Maybe you could submit a support ticket. It seems like eden might be able to accommodate a gift card code via email?
Jul!a Jul!a
It's something that's been talked about, but I unfortunately don't have a status update on anything for it. Otherwise I think the only way right now is to cash in your points.
kinkymanda kinkymanda
Thank you for your replies! I ended up sending in a support ticket, and it turns out that you do have to be sent an actual gift card. However, the EF staff is being very helpful...they are going to message me my code once the card is activated, so that I don't have to wait on the mail! Thanks EF!!
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