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Tripod95 Tripod95
What is the best ype of dildo to get for a beginner, whose only a friend, so you wont be there to help them use it?
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Beck Beck
You'll want something discreet are you looking for just a dildo or are vibrators ok as well?

If you are looking for a dildo, I would go glass, since if they did not want to use it at least it was visually appealing and you can get one that does not look like a penis. simple and visually appealing with no overwhemling texture for beginner

If you are okay with vibrators then go check out the discreet vibrators. There are lipstick tubes and rubber duckies, the list goes on.
MissMori MissMori
I might just be putting my foot in my mouth here, so sorry if it's not the advice you're looking for, but . . .
having read this and your previous post I'm guessing this friend really is "just a friend" and is female. As far as I know, it's more common for women to get off from clitoral stimulation than penetration alone, so if she does end up using this gift, I suspect something that vibrates would be more useful. Picking out a gift if you don't know anything about their sexual style is tough, but knowing that may help.
If you're dead-set on a dildo, I agree with the poster above me that something that looks more like an art piece would be better.
Either way, good luck!
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