What do you get for a fwb?

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What do you get for a fwb?

snowminx snowminx
Since it's just a sex relationship do you still give something normal or should you give something that's a little sexy (or maybe just try something different in the bedroom)? I missed his birthday this year because things came up on his end but I was thinking about that today.
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spiced spiced
I say be careful! I've done fwb twice and both times it was kind of an emotional minefield.

The first time, we'd broken up, and she wanted to get back together. I didn't, and just enjoyed the "free sex". If she'd given me something for my birthday, it would have been weird at best and awkward if she'd given me something nice or expensive.

My other fwb experience was the reverse: I wanted to get back together; she just wanted the sex. If she'd given me something for my birthday, no matter how small, I'd have read way more into it than I should've.

But if neither of you is hoping for more from the relationship, then I THINK a gift wouldn't be a problem. Something sexy seems appropriate, and nothing too expensive. Maybe some sexy undies?
TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
Giving gifts to a fuck buddy, can open the door to a lot of emotional stuff for both parties. Good, bad, or the ugly truth.
GirlOnGirl GirlOnGirl
I've worn a special costume that I knew was a fantasy of theirs and I've been given sex toys from fuck buddys as a birthday gift. I think if it's a relationship built around sex then giving something sexual is ok and the best part is that it can make for a fun hook up for the two of you!
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