Do they make a difference?

Lavender420 Lavender420
I'm not too savvy on the "green" thing - do these toys really make a difference, or feel different? Or is it mainly based on the face that it's "better" for the environment? Thanks for the feedback guys!
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wildorchid wildorchid
Green toys refer to the fact that they are rechargeable and/or recyclable like glass, wood or metal toys. Being better for the environment is honestly up for debate. Yes, they don't use batteries which is wonderful (and really saves a lot of money) but in order for toys to be totally really green, you would have to look in to how they are manufactured (if it is in a way that has minimal impact on the environment) and then how you would dispose of it. If you're just going to throw it in the trash when it breaks down, well then that's not a very green toy in the end. Glass, wood and metal toys can be recycled and toys with motors should be taken to your local hazardous waste drop off and that way they can be properly taken apart and disposed of (a process that should be completely anonymous).

I like my rechargeable toys, I have a couple from LELO who offers a great warranty and quality guarantee. The charge lasts long and their vibes are strong enough to me. More than anything, rechargeable toys are convenient to use. By reading some reviews, you can find out which brands get the general consensus that they are strong and worth the money. Whether they are worth the money is up to you to decide. I think they are worth the money as long as they are good quality, have varying uses and functions and if they have a good warranty too back them up. Of course that refers to rechargeable toys, glass, metal and wood toys obviously don't use any electricity at all and probably are a bit more "green".

I hope that helps a bit!
charletnarouh charletnarouh
For me, it's not so much that they're "green". The fact that they don't use up a bunch of batteries saves money and hassel for me. The fact that it's good for the environment is a great bonus. I'm not sure how "green" these companies manufacturing is. If one was definitely following environmentally friendly manufacturing and business practices, I'd be more inclined to buy that brand. As it stands, I buy the toys that suit my lifestyle and battery guzzling toys just aren't it. I like my rechargeables a lot. I've recently become a fan of glass and I can't wait to try wood if I ever have the money to spend.
married with children married with children
They only difference they make is in your wallet.
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