To maintain my rechargeable battery's life, should I drain it before recharging?

Miss Voluptuous Miss Voluptuous
Hello beautiful people!

I've been having a curious question in my mind lately. It's this: For my rechargeable toy, should I be draining the battery fully before recharging it? I understand that for some kinds of batteries, this will help to maintain the length of time the battery will hold a charge for in the long run.

I have the Mystic Wand rechargeable...
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MaryExy MaryExy
Does it say in the toy manual what to do about charging, or what type of battery it uses? If it says the type of battery I think you should be able to find on the internet whether to drain it all the time or not. I know in some manuals for rechargeable stuff it says how to prolong the battery life.
Antipova Antipova
DWTim breaks it down in this thread: link
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