Cutie1521 Cutie1521
Babydoll and g-string
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I just wanted to say that these are among the most useful lingerie. They are sexy, boob holding, comfy, cozy to sleep in, and less awkward than "just a bra" to walk out of your bedroom only to find your brother-in-law sitting in your living room in. Still awkward...just slightly less. I believe that it is an essential piece of clothing every girl should have.
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
I agree and they're flattering to all body's unlike some outfits.
geliebt geliebt
I think they're okay. So far I haven't really found The One, only some that have had less than optimal fit and only look okay!
sweetiejo sweetiejo
I finally bought my first piece of lingerie last week and i'm still iffy on them. i love how it fits i'm just extremly self concious.
xoxo xoxo
Babydolls are the best. Theyre so cute!
Cat E. Cat E.
Yes, babydolls are very cute.
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