What's your opinion on Christmas lingerie?

clockwork451 clockwork451
Do you think the holiday lingerie that is overtly christmas-y (like the Santa rompers)are cheesy or kind of nice?
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Melani Melani
I think a lot of the super Christmas-y things can be cheesy. I would prefer something that's just red and black...a little fancier but nothing costume-y
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Some of it's cute, some of it is actually elegant ... for the most part, all I can imagine is still finding random bits of white marabou in July.

I don't really find it sexy, though. About the most I'd go is a Santa hat with the word "Naughty" and a pair of black knee high boots. After he's done giggling, I'll get rid of the hat.
Buh-bye Buh-bye
I don't find Christmas themed lingerie sexy. I honestly find it to be rather ridiculous looking.
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