Costumes and Role Play

The Awesome Penguin The Awesome Penguin
My partner and I have discussed introducing some more seductive clothing and costumes into the bedroom; however, we both can get timid at times when it comes to "getting into the role." Being together for several years, we are both very open and comfortable with each other both emotionally and sexually.

What are some experiences people have had when introducing costumes for the first time in the bedroom?
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Amy Snookum Amy Snookum
Try to enjoy to be timid ) Which costumes you re trying to wear?
melianofvalinor9 melianofvalinor9
we just did it and it went well. one night he said he wanted a secretary and that was it...
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
Tell her to just surprise you one night and walk out in costume. That's what I do when I bring a new costume home. I put it on then come in the room and I'm in character. I introduce myself to him and explain to him that his wife told me to come see him. From there, it just takes off.
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