How to tell quality from cheap lingerie online?

callsignhusker callsignhusker
Sometimes I buy lingerie and it is high quality, other time I buy similarly priced lingerie and it is cheaply made. What methods are there to differentiate the two when choosing between similarly priced products online?
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Nazaress Nazaress
My novice advice would be to see what it's made of, buy from trusted companies, and read reviews.
- Kira - - Kira -
Read the reviews first. If they aren't available on that product, read reviews of similar priced merchandise from the same designer. Sometimes a $20 item from one company will be good and a $20 item from another company will be low quality. Coquette has good quality items that aren't high priced. They aren't the same level of quality as their higher priced items, but they aren't cheap either.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
A lot of pictures get airbrushed to defy gravity and physics. If the material looks thin but it somehow holding up a D cup model, then something's not quite right with that picture. However, if it were a leather corset, then I would be much more inclined to believe it was a high quality lingerie.
married with children married with children
you really cant. I wait until there are some reviews up to read.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
It's really hard to tell. Pictures can be very deceiving.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I just want to point out too that with Eden Fantasys - there is a great return policy and if you don't like it - you can return it - they even pay the UPS shipping to return it!
Nice to Eat you Nice to Eat you
Brand name, but the Mama is right, EF has an awesome return policy
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