I really like this cami set..and its on sale..questions

kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
Lacey cami and short set
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Do you think someone who is more medium because of a bloated distended gut but doesn't have large boobs could squeeze into the small? You would think so it doesn't cover the belly...Do you think cleavage shoes through the hole? I really want to use this to take before and after pictures of my weight loss or even just makeover...Also it says the sale expires dec. 31..so if they run out of stock they will get it back in stock and it will still be on sale right?
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If your breasts are large enough and supported enough, cleavage might be visible through the keyhole. I would check the sizing guidelines out and go from there. In my personal experiences with them, Coquette has been pretty good about sizing. As far as the stocking goes, if it runs out, I think it runs out. They might get most stock back in, and if it happens to be before the sale runs out, then I believe the sale price would still apply, but if it runs out and gets restocked after the sale is over, then regular price would definitely still apply.
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