Are these wet look stockings sticky?

ijustgotta ijustgotta
Wet look thigh high stockings
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Anyone with experience?
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Tibby Tibby
Originally posted by ijustgotta
Anyone with experience?
Ive had the one that are fish net and that vinyl wet looking stuff on top, They can get sweaty. But I was wearing them for "night out". Not a night in. So not for dancing but i'm sure they'd be fine. now that wet look from thigh to toe, I dont even know fabric isn't the most breathable.
spookycutie spookycutie
All of my wetlook stuff only gets slightly sticky if I sweat profusely in it, like on a HOT day or doing a lot of physical activity...
Pinkshirt Pinkshirt
I was wondering that myself as I am very interested in getting them.
brevado brevado
These will not breath, so if you sweat then yes they'd feel sticky. But again, they don't breath, so it'll all be on the inside.
wwwww wwwww
They'll only stick if you sweat in them. They aren't sticky on their own. One trick you can use to avoid having them stick to your skin is dusting your legs with a tiny bit of talcum powder or baby powder. Just be careful not to get it on the stockings themselves.
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