Lingerie for a shy curvy girl?

Callisto Callisto
What would you suggest for a shy curvy girl? Any lingerie that would work with an hourglass (slightly more hippy) figure?
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koola1d88 koola1d88
Originally posted by Callisto
What would you suggest for a shy curvy girl? Any lingerie that would work with an hourglass (slightly more hippy) figure?
I'd say probably a corset and maybe some boyshorts both sexy but a little more modest.
edeneve edeneve
maybe a Teddy or Babydoll
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I am a bigger girl myself with curves I 98% of the time only order baby dolls. I have found baby dolls and chemises are really great for bigger women I can get the top part of the baby doll to fit perfect with the rest flows over my body. Chemises usually hug my curves in the right places. I say be adventurous try out all types because what may work for me may not work for you even if we had similar body types. Get it and embrace it
Supervixen Supervixen
Corsets are probably a nice pick, because they accentuate curves so nicely. With panties, I don't think there is a body type that doesn't look great in boyshorts. And even though you're shy, remember to be confident! That can be key in making a sexy lingerie set work. A little demure shyness can be cute, and very attractive, but remember, your partner is oggling you because you look hot. If you act uncomfortable with what you're wearing, it tends to be apparent. I used to be really shy about my small breasts, but I learned that if I embraced them with confidence that it made me feel sexier, and therefore, I acted's a lot of fun. Lingerie should make you feel sexy, so have fun with it.
Beck Beck
Corsets aren't a good pick if you are, as you said, curvy, but more hippy. This is because the size you need at the top (bust and waist) won't accommodate the hip measurement. It works the same way if your top is larger than your hip measurement. Either you will have a corset that is small in the hips or too large in the bust, when you are shaped like this. If you are shaped like must train yourself for a corset.

Lingerie like babydolls, chemises, and gowns are gonna be the best for you. This is because they are flowy. They will hide what areas you want hidden.
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