Lingerie Size - which would be best?

Babylove09 Babylove09
So I Have a very big problem finding lingerie. I am a 36 f up top and a ML at the bottom. Which brand would be best for me to buy from?
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kitty1949 , Beck , potstickers , Arlinnae
Magic Silk
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kitty1949 kitty1949
Out of those two I'd go with Dreamgirl or Coquette. I find that some Coquette items have a very large bust. Good luck!
Beck Beck
I wear a 40-42DDD. The company that usually makes the most room in the cups is Dreamgirl. All the other companies are usually too small. I have a few coquette items (the wetlook stuff) that has a lot of room in the cups, but usually my DDD's are still a little too big. It would help to know your hip measurement to let you know what is the best size to order.
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