GravyCakes GravyCakes
has anyone ever used pasties? is the whole thing sticky, or just the edges? is it super sticky? i have really sensitive nipples & wouldn't be able to handle wearing them if the whole back side is sticky.
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MaryExy MaryExy
I'm pretty sure pasties would be like petals, so there's a non-sticky, lightly padded area over the nipple. Surely they wouldn't say to put adhesive on your nipple...
K101 K101
I've used them and the entire thing is sticky, but it doesn't bother me. I don't think they're extremely special, but they can be cute & come in handy when you run outta band-aids, but are wearing a top that can't be worn with a bra. I have a pair of sparkly butterflies and a pair of black sparkly stars right now. They come off easily and honestly with just a little rubbing it around or barely peeling the edges away will cause them to come off much easier. They aren't really sticky, but they are thick. Mine are supposed to stay on even in water, but heck they wouldn't even stay on after 2 hours of just wearing them under a dress! If you're really wanting some, but really terrified about it causing pain to take em' off, just use a warm wet wash cloth and hold it over them while they're on for a few minutes and they'll slip right off.
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