school girl out of my size (cry face)

GravyCakes GravyCakes
i've been saving up points to get the seductive school girl costume link b/c it's the best 1 i have ever seen (in my opinion of course). i was able to earn just enough points today, but when i went to buy it, the M/L was out of stock. since idk if it will be restocked, i'm considering buying the S/M. i am losing weight, & the last time i lost weight, i lost 41 lbs (which i gained most of back). when i was at my smallest my bust & waist measurements were 38" & 28" respectively. do you think i should go ahead & get the S/M, or hold out to see if the M/L comes back in stock? i want to, but then i'm afraid it won't, & then the S/M will be out of stock & i will be stuck.
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Jul!a Jul!a
I would say submit a support ticket to ask if the M/L will be restocked. If Rachel or Jaimes in customer service know the answer to that, they'll tell you. If it looks like it won't be restocked, I think you'd be fine at the measurements you listed, but if you don't know for sure you can be those measurements again, I'd try for the M/L elsewhere.
LibertyGirl LibertyGirl
There are some lingerie items that look good if they're a little too small. This one doesn't look like one of those. I would recommend waiting until you finish losing weight. Best case, you fit into the small and buy it. Worst case, you fit into the small but only the medium is in stock. Then you're in exactly the same situation as now, and you go find a slightly different one.
(Trust me, your partner won't notice the difference.)
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