Sizing for lingerie?

Kat Shanahan Kat Shanahan
I would love to buy some lingerie from EF, but (although it's probably weird to admit it) I have absolutely no idea what size I would need. I never knew, really, but I've lost 60 pounds over the past year and now I'm just totally clueless. So if any women here have ordered lingerie and can help me out, I'd really appreciate it, because some of the pieces I've seen here are just calling my name!

For reference, I'm five feet tall and weigh 140 pounds (still have about 15 pounds to go before I reach my goal.) In shirts, I wear a medium; in pants, between 8 and 10. My bra size is 40D. Can anyone help me out? I'm really confused.
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Bzz Bzz
Well, it depends. The sizing charts are different for lots of the brands! click the 'size chart' link next to the 'select size' on each item to see what size you are in that brand.
Sammi Sammi
I'd measure bust, waist, and hips, and then see where you fall - most of them have the sizing in inches for each of these.

And congratulations on your weight loss!
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