What Outfit Would Match Best

funirish funirish
Heart stockings with bow
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Trying to decide what color skirt or dress do you think would go best with these heart stockings... a white skirt/dress, a red skirt/dress, would black even work... What do you think?
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Gone. Gone.
A nice black and white Tripp skirt. Plaid. With a white and red top. Striped. Up and down, of course, to make you look slimmer and longer of upper body. Put in some nice heart earrings. Red rubies, or white diamonds. Some pale foundation, red lipstick, extra-length mascara, and pink eye shadow blended with a little white on top and at the corners. Add some knee high black, leather boots. Put your hair in a high, tight ponytail with a lacy hair tie. Black, of course. And viola! You're set!
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