A bit of a newbie to anal anything.

xDecadence xDecadence
I am a twenty one year old wife, who has a husband who is quite well endowed. I try as much as I can and he's very loving while the act is on going, but it could be improved. He is the only one I have done this with, and I believe the discomfort is from his girth. I wanted to know what I could do to help this out. I have heard of a lubricant that actually has a herbal extract that helps relax the muscles and lubricates properly. We currently use Astroglide that is still nearly under half used and was used mostly for toy play or his masturbation while I was out of town. Also, if there is any toys that could help out with stretching me out a little bit, just so he can fit a bit better. Sometimes it feels like he's trying to fit a softball in a hole big enough for a marble. Thanks before hand for all your help. :3
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Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
There was a similar thread not too long ago: link that had a lot of good information.
Liz2 Liz2
I found that "practicing" with various size butt plugs...smaller to larger does condition the ass for penetration. Also use plenty of lube, Maximus is great and be patient. An orgasm, prior to anal play also helps at times. Be patient above all....when you get there, it can be awesome!
Yes, tons of info on prior posts.
ScottA ScottA
Assuming "this" is anal sex - go slow, work up to i. Make sure that you take the time to feel comfortable and safe with your husband and anal play (both external and penetrative). This means that you've both sworn to back off or stop play if something starts to hurt - ever. Once you're comfortable with fingers and toys and you've discovered how to relax your anus you can move on to trying anal intercourse.
Britni TheVadgeWig Britni TheVadgeWig
The link above is helpful, yes. You may want to try a thicker lube than Astroglide as well. Maximus seems to be a favorite for anal play; you want the lube to be about as thick as hair gel. And use lots of it. You can never have too much lube.

Toys such as plugs can help you get used to the feeling of having something in there, again, click the link provided above. Fingers are also a good warm up.

I would be hesitant to use anything that is numbing or relaxing for the anus. We want to be able to fully feel what is happening, and pain is our body's way of telling us something is wrong. If we can't fully feel it, we won't know. Also, don't you want to be able to enjoy the sensations of what is happening to you? If you're numb, you can't feel a thing and the pleasure is purely one sided.
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