Cooling Lube

Maxx Maxx
I want something strong and cold. Which is the best and why?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Wet Synergy Cool Tingle
Climax Burst Cooling
Wet Ecstasy Silicone
alistair , levellc09
2  (67%)
V Cooling
V Cooling Gel
System JO H2O Cool Lubricant
1  (33%)
System JO Premium Cool Lubricant
Total votes: 3
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alistair alistair
I use the wet ecstasy water based, I have sampled many lubes and I have found the Wet products feel the best.
pam2 pam2
I have also tried the Wet Synergy which is good too. I just didn't like that I could smell the peppermint a lot. You can also mix it in with Synergy which is nice.. can lessen the intensity. It's quite strong. JO's Cool is nice because it's not too intense and doesn't smell.
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