How does this compare to Liquid Silk?

jackie.jfky jackie.jfky
Personal moisturizer
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Can anybody make a comparison of the two? I really like Liquid Silk, but I'm wondering whether it's worth it or not to select this within a LELO kit.
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kendra30752 kendra30752
I wish I could help out, but I too am a huge Liquid Silk fan, but never tried the Lelo one. I like a really thick lubricant like Liquid Silk, so I don't think I'd like the Lelo one as much. I have tried the Lelo lube that comes in sample packets with their toys -- it might be the exact same as this, I don't know for sure, but if so, I did not like it one bit. Too thin and watery.
jackie.jfky jackie.jfky
Hmm, I think it might be the same. I've seen the packet labeled as 'personal moisturizer' on LELO toys video reviews. Thanks for the response! I appreciate it
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