What's the most important feature you look for in a lube?

mudpie mudpie
I haven't tried many and I have no idea what to look for, other than water-based so it won't ruin my silicone toys. What do you look for?
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cheetahpita cheetahpita
water-based, unscented... maybe check and see what other people thought of the texture or how easy it was to rinse off?
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
The safety of the ingredients, followed by its longevity.
Lily Bee Lily Bee
Water based (silicone & latex safe), texture (smooth, slippery, does it get tacky or gooey or feel messy?), ingredients safety (as natural as possible). The reviews on this site useful across the board, so this is a good place to read up on what others are saying or even sign up to review some samples.
Moein Moein
We prefer an odorless lube, Safety (natural ingrediants), and mostly be water based.
I'll Miss You EF :( I'll Miss You EF :(
Water based, and until we get our Liberator Throe, if it stains or not.

I also look for a pleasant scent/flavor.
married with children married with children
long lasting, feels natural when using it.
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